Monthly Archives: March 2022

Ep. #91 – Lessons For Supervisory Authorities From Crisis Simulation Exercises

Financial crises are expensive, not only in terms of lost income and wealth but also because of their negative impact on financial inclusion and gender equality. It is therefore important to manage and resolve financial crises as effectively as possible.

This Toronto Centre Note is based on Toronto Centre’s wide experience in running crisis simulation exercises, and it discusses a range of learning experiences. Each section covers; what is being tested in crisis simulation exercises, what typically happens in Toronto Centre simulation, and typical lessons learned.

Read the bios here. Read the transcript here.

Ep. #90 – Breaking the Gender Bias in Finance

Toronto Centre joined the global community in celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) by commemorating women’s achievements, reflecting on progress made and advocating for women’s equality. The panel discussed how financial inclusion helps combat bias and break the barriers to gender equality and the role of financial authorities in supporting positive change. Read the transcript here. Read the biographies here.

Ep. #89 – Adapting Macroprudential Frameworks to Climate Change Risks

Microprudential authorities are beginning to take climate-related risks into account and to reflect them as part of their supervisory principles and practices. However, there is not yet a well-developed macroprudential framework to address climate-related financial risks. This Toronto Centre Note and podcast examine how macroprudential approaches can be adapted to address climate-related financial risks. Read the bios here. Read the transcript here.