Ep. #46 – Innovative Ways to Address Climate Change and the Sustainability Agenda in the Face of COVID-19

The panel will explore:

  • Fundamental similarities between pandemics and climate risk.
  • Steps that could be taken to align the immediate pandemic responses with the imperatives of sustainability.
  • How to leverage tools such as blended finance to advance climate smart financing.
  • The opportunities for the financial sector to contribute towards climate change goals.
  • The innovative ways for regulatory and supervisory authorities to address climate change-related risks and meet the SDGs.
  • How to promote financial market and product innovations such as green bonds and market-based financing of green infrastructure initiatives.

Ep. #45 – Recovery and Resolution Planning: Implications for Supervisors

This podcast will focus on the recent TC Notes on recovery and resolution planning, and will discuss implications for supervisors should an institution fail.

Ep. #44 – La Perspectiva del Supervisor de Conducta en el Perú ante el COVID-19

Mariela Zaldivar, Superintendente Adjunto de Conducta de Mercado e Inclusión Financiera de la Superintendencia de Banca, Seguros y AFP (SBS) del Perú, nos comenta sobre los problemas que enfrenta la población más vulnerable en el Perú ante la actual coyuntura, cuál ha sido la respuesta de la SBS y cómo la crisis ha cambiado el trabajo del supervisor de conducta y sobre la importancia de una estrecha cooperación con el supervisor prudencial.

Ep. #42 – Returning to the Workplace – A New Beginning for Supervisors

All companies are determining the best way to reintegrate employees back to the office. This podcast will share information and practical tips to help supervisors and regulators not only survive but to also thrive as they transition back to the office.

Ep. #41 – COVID-19 Crisis: Perspectives from Standard Setters

Part 3 of the New Normal series. Join this live conversation to gain insights on how central bankers, health experts, and financial sector supervisors are dealing with the new normal.

Ep. #40 – Managing Supervisory Teams Remotely

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has changed, and many financial supervisors now need to work from home and manage their teams remotely.

Chuin Hwei Ng interviews long-time TC partner Gerry Lewis on questions such as: how do we make sure the work still gets done effectively? Will my team be as productive or as efficient? How will we stay connected as people – and as a functioning team?

Ep. #39 – Post-COVID-19 Crisis: Implications for Financial Stability, Financial Inclusion, Gender Equality, and International Development

Part of the New Normal series. This episode features The Honourable Sri Mulyani, Minister of Finance, Indonesia, and Carmen Reinhart, Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank Group. The discussion is moderated by Susanna Moorehead, Chair, OECD’s Development Assistance Committee.

Ep. #38 – Climate Risks to the Financial System

Anatol Monid, Toronto Centre Program Director, and Dr. Dianne Saxe, former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, discuss the risks to the financial system posed by a climate emergency and the importance that disclosure regimes and divestiture actions have for financial institutions and their supervisors.

Ep. #37 – Securities Regulation: Risks and Approaches to the New Normal

In this podcast, Jean Lorrain, Chair of Toronto Centre’s Securities Advisory Board, discusses the implications of COVID-19 and climate risk for securities regulators, the usefulness of international standards, and “staying the course” in the new normal.