Ep. #111 – Regulation and Supervision of Retail Payment Systems

This podcast examines the regulation and supervision of retail payment systems (RPS). RPS provide advantages such as innovation, but also present risks to users and financial stability.

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Ep. #110 – Inclusive Growth: Transformative Approaches to Women’s Economic Empowerment

The pandemic, geopolitical uncertainties, persistent barriers, and gender norms have disrupted the world economy and stalled progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the one to achieve gender equality by 2030. However, some countries have been successful in advancing strategies for women’s empowerment and financial inclusion. The panel discussed transformative approaches and shared their respective country, regional, and international experiences and lessons.

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Ep. #109 – L’innovation financière: Où en sommes-nous?

L’innovation financière évolue à un rythme très rapide. Ce podcast abordera la question de savoir où en sont les régulateurs et les superviseurs dans les différentes initiatives relatives aux Fintech, quels sont les avantages du travail du Réseau mondial d’innovation financière (GFiN), ainsi que l’orientation et les impacts des différentes initiatives sur l’inclusion financière.

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Ep. #108 – Financial Innovation

Financial innovation is evolving at a very fast pace. This podcast will discuss where regulators and supervisors stand on various initiatives relating to Fintech, the impacts on financial inclusion, and the benefits of the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFiN)’s work.

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Ep. #107 – Drivers of External and Inherent Risks in Risk-Based Supervision

This Toronto Centre Note and accompanying podcast will help front-line supervisors assess the risk factors specific to individual firms and how the norms set out in guidance may need to be modified in individual assessments. Read their biographies here. Read the transcript here.

Ep. #106 – The Promises and Perils of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a goal throughout the G20. It affects not only economics but also all aspects of society: finance, women issues, government administration and public services. The challenges include infrastructure, payments, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), just to name a few.

The panel focused on issues related to digitization in the financial sector, including CBDCs, crypto assets and cross border payments.

Ep. #105 – Risk-Based Supervision of Retail Conduct

This Toronto Centre Note and accompanying podcast focus on the use of a risk-based approach to retail conduct supervision. It also addresses the challenges of supervising for good consumer outcomes.

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Ep. #104 – Banking Practices and Economic Inclusion: A research discussion with International Finance Corporation

Two new publications from the International Finance Corporation highlight market potential and emerging strategies on inclusive banking practices to advance the economic inclusion of persons with disabilities and LGBTI people.

This podcast explores key take-aways from the research and emerging practices in the financial inclusion landscape.

Read their biographies here. Read the transcript here.

Ep. #103 – Reimagining Financial Supervision

The speakers will discuss the future of innovation in financial supervision and the challenges and opportunities facing financial regulators, post-pandemic. They will examine:

  • Redesigning financial regulation for the digital age
  • Responsible use of technology
  • Pre-conditions for a “digital regulator”
  • Major Risks; cyber risk, bias, black box, data protection/ privacy, and operational risk

Read their biographies here.

Read the transcript here.