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Ep. #111 – Regulation and Supervision of Retail Payment Systems

This podcast examines the regulation and supervision of retail payment systems (RPS). RPS provide advantages such as innovation, but also present risks to users and financial stability.

Read their biographies here. Read the transcript here.

Ep. #109 – L’innovation financière: Où en sommes-nous?

L’innovation financière évolue à un rythme très rapide. Ce podcast abordera la question de savoir où en sont les régulateurs et les superviseurs dans les différentes initiatives relatives aux Fintech, quels sont les avantages du travail du Réseau mondial d’innovation financière (GFiN), ainsi que l’orientation et les impacts des différentes initiatives sur l’inclusion financière.

Lisez leurs biographies ici. Lire la transcription ici.

Ep. #108 – Financial Innovation

Financial innovation is evolving at a very fast pace. This podcast will discuss where regulators and supervisors stand on various initiatives relating to Fintech, the impacts on financial inclusion, and the benefits of the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFiN)’s work.

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Ep. #106 – The Promises and Perils of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a goal throughout the G20. It affects not only economics but also all aspects of society: finance, women issues, government administration and public services. The challenges include infrastructure, payments, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), just to name a few.

The panel focused on issues related to digitization in the financial sector, including CBDCs, crypto assets and cross border payments.

Ep. #104 – Banking Practices and Economic Inclusion: A research discussion with International Finance Corporation

Two new publications from the International Finance Corporation highlight market potential and emerging strategies on inclusive banking practices to advance the economic inclusion of persons with disabilities and LGBTI people.

This podcast explores key take-aways from the research and emerging practices in the financial inclusion landscape.

Read their biographies here. Read the transcript here.

Ep. #98 – Preparing For The Next Recession

The panel discussed how high inflation, supply chain disruptions, the ongoing pandemic and geopolitical conflicts could trigger the next global recession and what financial authorities could do to mitigate the impacts. Read their bios here. Read the transcript here.

Ep. #97 – Digital Revolution: A Bridge To Women’s Empowerment And Financial Inclusion

The podcast explores the role of digitalization in women’s financial inclusion. Ms. Aditi Namdeo, Chief Partnerships Officer (CPO) of the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH), India, shares the inspiration for and experience from an exclusive TechSprint initiative hosted by RBIH which focused on self-reliant women. She also explores some of the barriers and facilitators to women’s financial inclusion in India.

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Read the transcript here.

Ep. #93 – Resilience to Cyber Threats in The Financial Sector

Cyber threats and incidents are a growing concern, posing risks to the safety and stability of the financial system. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, these risks have heightened. Remote working and increased use of financial services over digital channels have opened more points of banking system access to malicious actors. This panel discussed the importance of cybersecurity and discuss how financial institutions can improve their resilience to cyber threats and incidents. It discussed the role the policymakers, supervisors and regulators can play. Read the biographies here. Read the transcript here.

Ep. #92 – Blended Finance and Climate Adaptation Considerations for Financial Supervisors

This podcast addresses some key topics to encourage leaders, including financial supervisors and regulators, to consider blended finance as a vehicle to support the fight against the worst effects of climate change. It covers examples of blended finance projects in developing and emerging economies, implications for supervisors and regulators, the role of blended finance in just climate financing, and the constraints and ways to increase blended finance. Read the biographies here. Read the transcript here.