EP. #10 – To Protect or to Foster Innovation – An Inside Look at a Regulator’s Initiative to do Both

In this podcast, Ilana Singer, Chair of the Securities Advisory Board, Toronto Centre interviews Mark Adams Senior Executive Leader, Strategic Intelligence, ASIC.

Fintech has become one of the biggest buzz words in the industry over the past 5 years. There is no doubt that technology has vast potential and fosters creativity and innovation. However, securities regulators and supervisors around the world have been trying to find the delicate balance between encouraging innovation while protecting investors. In this podcast, Mark Adams discusses the Innovation Hub, an initiative of Australian Securities and Investments Commission that aims to assist fintechs in navigating the regulatory framework while protecting investors and capital markets.

Click here to view the full transcript: https://www.torontocentre.org/Files/NewsResources/7-30-2019/Podcast%20MARK.pdf